Earrings Celtic knot Scáthach silver with lapislazuli unique piece

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925 silver earrings inspired by Celtic interlocking knots (our "Scáthach" model) with a lapis lazuli stone set in each one of them. They are unique.

Each one is about 3cm long (4.5cm in total, counting the hooks that are also made of 925 silver)) and about 2cm wide.

The original piece is hand carved by me, cast to metal using the lost wax technique and each piece is finished by hand, one by one, also by me. The silver finish is shiny, with an aged patina. The pendant is reminiscent of the shape of a spearhead. That is why we have dedicated it to Scáthach, the Scottish warrior maiden who taught CúChulainn, legendary hero of the Uster, the art of combat to CúChulainn and gave him his spear Gáe Bulg and is also the protector of blacksmiths and goldsmiths.

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Please note that the colors in the images may vary slightly from the final pieces due to light and the different settings of the screens used to view them.

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