Cómo usar el medidor para saber tu talla de anillo

How to use the sizer to know your ring size

The sizes of the rings that we have available are in American (US) sizing. With the table you can find hereyou can easily know a size, either by conversion (if you know your measurement in other sizing you can easily see the equivalent in US sizing) or from the measurement in millimeters of the finger (the circumference) or another ring (for which we would use the measurement of the inside diameter of the ring). If you do not know your size, we recommend that, before ordering your ring, you get one of the sizers available in the store. They are very simple to use, as you will see in the video that we include in this post.

For rings one centimeter or more wider, we recommend choosing between a half and one size larger than usual. If your measurement falls between two sizes, we recommend choosing the size that is larger, especially if you have a tendency for your hands to swell.

When you measure your finger, keep in mind to measure both the phalanx of the finger and the knuckle, because sometimes the knuckle is wider. Check that the ring could go through the knuckle without any problem to choose the size, also check that when you bend your fingers and close your fist it does not press your finger excessively and it does not stick anywhere, as you can see in the video . By following these tips you will be able to know what your size is in a simple way. As a guide, the size seen in the video is 11.

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