About Nebel Studio

It all started as a hobby back in February 2011. I started taking jewelry classes in various places and with different teachers to learn different techniques, at first simply to be more fluent when modifying jewelry, but the modification of trimmings ended up giving way to the freedom of being able to create my own pieces.

I have been learning day by day (and I continue to do so, because I believe that we must always continue learning), trying to always do my best and to grow little by little, with more projects and ideas, happy to make people happy with my work.

With everything I have learned, not only in As for jewelry, but also in other artistic disciplines through the Fine Arts studies I have completed, I have gradually created my own collections, within what is handmade jewelry, as well as some special pieces of another nature that I always enjoy making.

My pieces and designs are inspired by literature, cinema, history, folklore ... Thousand sources and influences from different cultures and subcultures. All the pieces are handmade and each one of them is a small artisan work of art.