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Pendant Celtic knot Raven silver or bronze

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This piece is an openwork pendant of an intertwined Celtic knot representing a raven. It is made of solid 925 sterling silver or bronze, hand carved in wax and cast to metal using lost wax technique.

It measures about 4cm long by 1.7cm wide. The finish is shiny with patina to highlight the details.

In both cases the pendant is available loose or with a black leather cord with an aged silver clasp. The silver version is also available with a silver chain. They are made to order.

Ravens are very present in the mythology of many cultures. We can find them in the Celtic mythological cycles with their association with the Morrighan, for example, also in the Norse tradition with Huginn and Munnin together with Odin, or together with Apollo in Greek mythology, numerous ravens also appear in the tradition of the Native American peoples , where they play different roles according to the tradition of each tribe. Crows appear in many of these stories associated with life and death, as messengers between worlds, as thieves of souls, emissaries of these or as psychopompes, helping them to cross to the other side. In any case, they are always powerful animals and even in the stories you can see characteristics of their character reflected, especially their intelligence. So it never hurts to have a crow on your side.

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