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Yellow Sign Pendant Silver or bronze

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This piece is a pendant in the form of a round medal in the center of which The Yellow Sign appears in relief on a textured background. It is made of 925 sterling silver or solid bronze, hand-carved in wax and cast to metal using the lost wax technique.

It measures about 2.4cm approx. in diameter (3 cm counting the ring). The finish is satin with patina to highlight the volumes and texture of the background and shiny for the sign itself.

In both cases the pendant is available loose or with a black leather or rubber cord with an aged silver clasp. The silver version is also available with a 925 silver chain. They are made to order.

The Yellow Sign appears as a cursed talisman in Robert W. Chambers' work "The King in Yellow", giving the title to the first of the nine stories that make up this book, published in 1895. The sign is associated with Hastur, especially his human-like avatar known as "The King in Yellow". Later, Hastur will appear in stories by various authors of the Lovecraft Circle and, in turn, is associated with the city of Carcosa and the lands of dreams.

The illustration of Hastur as The King in Yellow, which appears partially in one of the photos, is a marvelous work by Javier Prado and can be purchased at his store .

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