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Necklace Damiel silver angel wings

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Silver necklace with a pair of feather or angel wings mounted with a chain and a Swarovski crystal teardrop.

It is an articulated necklace, the wings are made of solid silver, 925 sterling, and the chain is also made of 925 silver in the rolo style. The necklace measures, in total from end to end (counting the closure), 50 cm long and 27 cm from the closure to the tip of the tear (see photo). The wings are 1.5 cm wide at their widest part. The finish is polished with an aged patina.

The wings are made using the lost wax technique (or microfusion) and the necklace is made by hand, welding and polishing each of the pieces, and setting the crystal with silver wire. They are made to order. If you need a different chain length, please send me a private one before placing your order. Depending on the length of chain required, this could increase the final cost of the part.

This necklace belongs to "Damiel" collection named after the main character of one of my favorite movies; an angel who renounces his immortality (and his wings) because he prefers to be human.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON SHIPPING METHODS, PLEASE, SEE THE TERMS OF SALE. If you have any questions, please contact me BEFORE placing the order. Thank you.

Please note that the colors in the images may vary slightly from the final pieces due to light and the different settings of the screens used to view them.