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Pendant Vegvisir silver or bronze

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This piece is a solid, circular shaped 925 sterling silver or bronze pendant. It measures about 2.5cm in diameter by about 3mm thick. It is engraved by hand.

The finish is shiny with a patina that highlights the engraving. You can also choose the pendant alone or with a black leather cord with a silver clasp. The silver version is also available with a 50cm long rolo style 925 silver chain.

Made to order.

The symbol that appears on this pendant is a Vegvisir, it is of Icelandic origin and its oldest known record is preserved is in the Galdrabók (an Icelandic grimoire dated around 1600 ) where different spells are collected. The Vegsvisir is usually related to a solar compass, not only because of its resemblance, but also because its name is related to it: "veg-" from "vegur" means "path or path" and "vizier "is" guide. It is believed that it was used as an aid in navigation and, in the Huld Manuscript (another grimoire but this one from 1860) it says: "Take this symbol with you and you will never be lost in storms or bad weather, even if you are in territory a stranger". We know that the Vikings were great navigators and travelers, so it is logical that their protection spells focused on returning them safely home, but we can also make a more symbolic reading of the function of this spell and that it helps us not to lose the straight path, so as not to "lose the north" (our particular north) or to find the way in the "bad weather" or the "unknown territory" that we face every day.

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